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Our website uses cookies to differentiate you from other users of our website. To increase your user experience and our performance. The information that we get you via cookies does not directly identify your personal data directly but it enables you to increase your web experience. Additionally, we respect your personal data and right to privacy. For more information about the cookies, we use in our services you can check the titles below.

Also for detailed legal issues check the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of Beepy.


We use the following cookies:

Strictly necessary cookies: These are the cookies that are mandatory to accomplish our operations such as while you are logging and basic pieces of information that are required to use our services.

Analytical and performance cookies: As we mentioned in the overview section we use cookies also to increase our performance. Analytical and performance cookies help us to identify the traffic of our website enables us to monitor and set our performances in several key performances.

Functional cookies: To bring our visitors more personalized usage we need to recognize some of your actions and preferences related to your revisitation.

Third-party cookies: In some issues, we need to collaborate with some trusted third parties like Google Analytics, Google Adwords for detailed information about Google services and cookies;

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