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Terms and conditions is an whole agreement between (‘Beepy’, ‘We’, ‘Our’, ‘Us’) and our users (‘You’,’Your’) that binds our obligations and conditions with a legal basis.

All of our users who want to use or currently use our service are deemed to have accepted all the terms in this agreement when creating an account. For this reason, we strongly recommend that everyone read the conditions we have stated in detail and contact us on matters they are curious about.

To have information about the details of the Privacy Policy, please read our Privacy Policy.

People who have not read the explanations we have stated in our terms of use and have not accepted it voluntarily cannot be able to use the Beepy application.

Beepy reserves the right to update and make changes in the following clauses or in all of the terms and conditions. We recommend that you check the current version of our terms of use text and the release notes to be aware of changes.

In the titles listed below, the most up-to-date information about our mutual rights arising from the user agreement we have made with our users while the process of account creation, payment and usage processes of the Beepy application are presented.

User Agreement & Account Terms

During the account creation step, the entire agreement, which is stated in our privacy policy and terms and conditions, which you users have voluntarily accepted, and which puts us and you under certain obligations, is called 'User Agreement'.

To access our services, you must first create a user account from the create account page.

All our users must fill in the required blanks completely by providing precise and accurate information in this section. The information we want in this section is your name and surname, a valid e-mail address and a password for your own account that meets the required conditions for using our application. Our users should be aware that due to the security of their own accounts, they should not share their personal account information and passwords with others. Users can change their passwords later if they want.


Beepy application is not responsible for all accounts that may violate the copyrights of any other brand and product, or for account information that are given invalid during account creation or in any way that may create a separate situation under the provisions of the law. Beepy will not be liable for any loss or damage as a result of your failures.

Beepy reserves the rights to delete user account information in such cases.

Changes in User Agreement

Beepy may, make changes and updates in any time on the processes in the user agreement and the account creation step, if the necessary conditions are occur.

Channel Creation

Beepy as a notification assistant needs to the channels that bring our services within our users. Our workflow is based on the public or private channels set up by the users. To get notified for participants in related area you need to be create a channel. For detailed information about the limitations about creating or attending a channels please go to the title named by subscription. Beepy API uses API keys to authenticate requests. As we mentioned before Beepy has two types of channels a private channel or public channel. Briefly private channels are used for special projects. Public channels for everyone to share information.

Users who want to create channel must have follow the steps in this order:

Channel owner can be delete channel permanently and members can be leave the channels whenever they want.


If the name, logo or information conveyed by the channels opened through the Beepy application violates the copyrights of any other company, brand, product or contains inappropriate and unlawful expressions, content and situations, Beepy reserves the right to examine and delete these channels. . And these violations caused by users are not directly Beepy's responsibility.

Fees & Payment

Beepy is a notification application that works with subscription payment system. For this reason, the subscription level selected by the users on the pricing page through the subscription system is priced with the monthly subscription cycle over the payment method entered, unless the user cancels the subscription. Subscription levels contain various restrictions or upgrades among themselves. You can see our most up-to-date payment levels and package services offered to you under the 'pricing' heading on our website.

After choosing the subscription plan that suits your needs, you start your monthly subscription by continuing with the payment method you have added. Your subscription will be active for 30 days from the day the subscription fee is charged.

Beepy reserves the right to make changes and restrictions in subscription level and package contents.

When a change is made in the subscription fees, you will be informed about this change at the latest 15 days in advance. Our users, who did not notify us during the price change or did not change their payment plan, next month they will charged in new price.

Adding Payment Plan

After creating an account, you can go to the subscription section in the profile section and add, remove and update your payment method from there.

Beepy works with PCI DSS licensed online payment method providers for both our service and your security. The information that you gave while creating a payment plan is not totally our responsible and wo do not store or monitor your card details. Keeping your payment details like card numbers are directly responsibility of PCI DSS licensed online payment providers.


Since the storage and protection of card information is not under our responsibility, Beepy is not liable in unfavorable situations caused by the user or by the payment service provider.

No Refunds

The working logic of Beepy is a monthly subscription system, so when you purchase your one-month subscription, you declare that you have purchased that service in the period until your subscription renewal date.

Users have the right to freely cancel and change subscriptions at any time, but only from the end of your previous purchase of service on the next subscription renewal date. A refund cannot be claimed over a previously purchased month. Even you cancel your subscription you can continue to use your current plan for the next subscription renewal date.


Since a purchase has been made, we need to send you an invoice monthly. On the section of ‘Update Billing Address’ our users must be fill the requested blanks with accurate information. In this part, users fill in their country of residence, city and full address with their own consent as specified in the user agreement. In order for the invoices to reach the users, they must also enter the e-mail addresses they have given while registering.

Cancellation of Service

Users have the right to cancel their subscription at any time of their own free will. Users have the right to cancel their subscription at any time of their own free will. At the same time, they have the right to delete the channels they have opened. They can contact us in cases such as requesting and removing date shared us by users.

Price Changes

Beepy may change its pricing under certain conditions and may be update prices.

When a change is made in the subscription fees, you will be informed about this change at the latest 15 days in advance. Our users, who did not notify us during the price change or did not change their payment plan, next month they will charged in new price.


What data do we collect?

We collect the following data:

Personal information: (full name, e-mail address, and password) this information is necessary for registering to our platform. Additionally, for comply with the billing issues on segment of billing address of our page we ask for you to fill your ‘Country, ‘State, ’Province,’ ‘Street Address’.

How do we collect your data?

Our data collect activity is based on the account creation process in our website. On that page the vital information needs to create an account is gathered from directly you. Besides use or view our website via your browser’s cookies.

How will we use your data?

Information that we collect and collaborate witches are stated in our policy Our website uses data to differentiate you from other users of our website. To increase your user experience and as well as our performance. The information that we get you via cookies does not directly identify your sensitive personal data, but it enables you to increase your web experience. Additionally, we respect your personal data and right to privacy. So, we do not use any of data that we gathered for any marketing or advertising campaigns. Data using issues are related to the mandatory account creation steps that we covered in previous titles.

How do we store your data?

We committed to store your data securely with storage databases. In our storage databases we implement different variation of security methods. For the payment data that acquired in subscription process in add a payment method, will not be our responsibility to store. Data that obtained in the step of subscription, we implement and collaboration with trusted third-party payment providers whose have compliance PCI DSS information security standard. According to standard the protection of cardholder data is responsibility of payment service providers. We do not store your card details

The privacy terms stated above are a summary of the obligations determined under the name of 'Privacy Policy', which the Beepy application publishes and updates.

Please read our relevant agreement to have detailed information about our Privacy Policy.

Software Updates

We may make software updates at any time to keep our application and website up-to-date and to constantly improve our system. Our software updates are automatically updated via the relevant store or our website. It is our responsibility to share our release and update notes with our users as they are published.

Changes to the terms

Beepy keeps secret its rights to update or change the terms that stated in our legal documentations.

Intellectual Rights

All logos, application source codes, products and services are belongings to Beepy applications and services offered by Josytery LTD.

We reserves the right to resort to the law to protect our intellectual property rights in any way, through the unauthorized use and distribution of these intellectual property rights, or in cases that may create an unlawful situation in general.

Compliance With Applicable Laws and Regulations

Beepy is committed to all its legal documentations to comply with the relevant laws and obligations in all regions where it actively puts the application into service, and to make changes if requested by the authorities.

We care about its compliance with all the articles specified in accordance with the EU GDPR legislation and aims to make continuous improvements in the cookie policy, confidentiality agreement and terms of use documents in this regard.

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